Is winter the best time to sell your house?

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When is the best time to sell your house? You might think it is during the spring or summer months where the lawn will look lush and there is more natural light in the house. However, if you want to sell your house fast and for the best price you should act now!

In this week’s post I’ll be covering a few factors that make winter the best time of year to sell your house. Keep in mind that you can absolutely sell your house at any time of the year, but the cold winter months offer advantages that you won’t find during the rest of the year.

Buyers pay more during winter months

That’s right! Real estate investors and new home buyers alike will pay you more for your house during the months of winter than any other time of year. During the time between December and March, offers on houses have been higher than the other spring and summer months since 2012.

How much more can you get? On average, new home buyers and real estate investors alike have paid 17% more for houses during the months of winter. That’s with a recovering market too! Winter 2015 could yield some of the highest offers on homes yet.

What else makes the winter months such a special time to sell your house? Speed!

  • You can get up to 17% more for your house during winter months

You can sell your house faster

Offers aren’t the only things that improve during the winter months. This is also the best time to sell your house fast! This means paying less in holding costs like taxes and yard upkeep. You also won’t have to worry about wasting a ton of time showing the house.

66% of homes listed during winter months in major markets around the country sold within 90 days. While a house with the right price and the best “bang for the buck” can sell at any time of the year, they won’t always sell this fast.

Houses listed in the winter time are normally part of a smaller pool of houses on the market, smaller than any other time of year. This creates a highly competitive market for houses. Your house will be sought after by real estate investors and new home buyers alike.

Who exactly is paying more for houses and buying them fast during winter time?

  • 66% of homes sell in under 90 days during winter
  • They’re part of a smaller pool of houses

Serious offers from serious buyers

Winter is a competitive time to sell your house. With a lower number of houses listed between December and March real estate investors and new home buyers pay more for houses and close in a shorter amount of time.

A lot of home sellers pull their houses off the market until the spring to try and get better results. That creates a low supply of houses during winter months. Since real estate is constantly in high demand, this makes winter the most competitive time to sell your house.

There is also less of a chance of you dealing with “tire kicker” buyers. During the coldest months, when the real estate market heats up, the serious buyers come out. These are the people who will buy your house for the best price in the quickest amount of time.

  • Winter is a highly competitive time
  • This is the time to get serious offers from serious buyers

If your New Year’s resolution was to sell your house this year, now looks like the best time. There’s no need to wait for spring or summer to come along. If you can get better offers, faster closing dates, and serious buyers then why not try to sell your house in the middle of winter?

Even if selling your home isn’t a resolution, if you have been thinking about selling a property there is no better time than right now. Start your year off right and get your house sold!


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