How to Sell Your House Fast – Even if You’re Not a ‘Sales’ Person: Pt 1



Are you still trying to sell your house in Los Angeles, Orange or Riverside Counties California ? This post is all you need to guide you through everything you need to know about selling your house quickly. Chances are that you will no longer have to wait countless months just to sell it.

Plus, find out why working with a real estate investor will help you save a lot of time.

Finally, get techniques on some painless ways of using marketing to your advantage. No selling experience required and you do not have to pressure people into buying your house.

I. Introduction: The Challenge of Selling Your House

So you want to sell your house?

You have already told your friends about it, you have put up a number of ads on your local paper. Everything looks good. The only thing is that although you have already received a significant amount of responses, none of them has been positive so far.

At this stage, you will probably consider working with a real estate investor. The benefits of working with one are obvious enough. The fact alone that you can get somebody to sell the house on your behalf is a good enough reason especially if you are busy with work.

However, you also know that working with an investor can slash a significant amount from the sale of your house. We are talking about thousands of dollars in commissions when he makes the sale. Why would you do that if you can do all the work and get to keep the money to yourself, right?

Your experience and your time come into play here. Do you have what it takes to make the sale, or do you need somebody to work with? You weigh your options. You are torn. But do not give up just yet. Let us guide you first on what you need to do if you want to sell your house yourself.

The first step is preparation.

II. Preparing to Sell Your House

Selling your house can be an arduous task, we will not lie to you about it. However, your load becomes much lighter if you know what to do.

It all begins with preparation.
You need to prepare your house for potential buyers even before you put out ads or even consider doing an “open house”.

Do you really believe people when they tell you never to judge a book by its cover?

Anyone who tells you that lies to you. The truth is that we do judge things based on our first impression on them. It is therefore important for you to make a great first impression on your potential buyers. Anything less than mind-blowing lowers your chances of selling your house to them.

Here is a basic tip on preparing your house for buyers: clean up and organize your house well enough to make buyers want to live in it. It is a simple tip, but many sellers forget it so we thought to remind you about it just in case.

How do you know if you already did a good job at cleaning up your house? Get other people‟s opinions such as your neighbors and relatives. Invite them to your house after you clean it up and ask them about the impression that you house made on them when they went inside. Also make sure to ask them about areas where you can still make a few improvements. It could be changing the arrangement of your furniture or having your plumbing in the bathroom fixed.

Do not ignore the little things because there are buyers who really look into details when looking for a house. You cannot blame them of course. The house is where they will live for the next few years and their life savings depend on it. That said, make your house worth giving up one‟s hard- earned money for.

It is not just the interior that matters. Some buyers prefer to do a drive by a property first to check out the overall feel of the house. Because of that, you should make sure that your lawn and your façade look good.

Again, it is all about making that great first impression. A great first impression will increase your chances of selling your house.

Just put yourself in the buyer‟s shoes. Would you really want to live in a house that is unkempt and disorganized? Of course the answer‟s obvious enough.

Make people imagine that they are already living in your house. So make the experience of coming into your house a relaxing one. No clutter. No noisy music. No dripping pipes.

Preparation is key. But how do you drive potential buyers deeper into buying your house?

Read our upcoming post – How to Sell Your House Fast – Even if You’re Not a ‘Sales’ Person: Pt 2 –  for the answers.


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